InstaQuit - Track who follows and unfollows you on Instagram.

Track who follows and
unfollows you on Instagram.

#InstaQuit: Our website is closed.

The story so far...

Originally InstaQuit was a redevelopment of TwitQuit (track your Twitter unfollowers) but for Instagram instead. It allowed us to track who followed and unfollowed us based on a script that run four times a day and sent us email alerts. It then evolved into allowing us to view these statistics on weekly graphs, view who we follow that doesn't follow us and vice versa; see who follows us that we don't follow.

During the beginning of 2012, I designed and implemented a responsive design and opened it up to the public. The response was amazing and bloggers wrote about the free service all over the world.

So amazing, that as more and more users signed up to the web service, I noticed the server was performing slower. My quick fix was to move to a new, better, faster (yet more expensive) server to overcome the problem.

It's always been a side project. It's never been utilised to generate traffic or revenue. All domain names, web hosting and web development time has all been personally covered out of my own pocket.

The problem.

Moving the website connection to a new server overcome the slowness issue for a short time, however the numbers of users kept on growing. The more users the slower the server became and as of recently, our valued users are now crashing the server completely.

"Buy a new server" I hear you say... I'm afraid not. The website is free to use therefore there's no cash to splash out on new hardware.

Another big factor of the closure is the limitations on the Instagram API and the lack of support provided by Instagram themselves. It makes it more of a fight each day rather than a happy stable service for you all.

Disabling website access.

As you may have noticed, the website access has been intermittent over the last few weeks and I'm losing the battle to keep the server online. Therefore, I regret to inform you all that the website access will remain closed from the end of this month and any automated scripts which check your followers and email you reports on a daily basis will be switched off.

Glimpse into the future.

Although the website and server downtime has consumed a lot of my time, I will still try to find a way to bring the service back to life if either funding or a gap opens up in my hectic schedule.

The only thing left to say is thank you. Thank you for using and supporting InstaQuit. All 99,142 thousand of you. You've been epic. All your Blogs, Tweets, Re-tweets and 'Likes' really make a difference. You can still continue to show your love on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr so you can keep an eye on future updates.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Kind regards,


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